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American Dorper Sheep Breeders' Society
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Become a Member of the Natural Lamb Co-op
To become a member of the Natural Lamb Co-op you must voluntarily agree to adhere to the NLC Lamb Protocol and Husbandry Standards. This requires that you are a ranch or farm on which an individual or family member owns the lambs and where you or your family member provide a major part of the daily labor to manage the lambs and the farm or ranch operation. It also requires that livestock must be humanely treated, fed an all vegetarian feed, never given growth hormones or antibiotics, and raised on land that is cared for as a sustainable resource. Please refer back to our Mission Statement and our information regarding the importance of all natural lamb products. We operate on an honor system. You must also understand that it is your responsibility to make your own contractual arrangements with your purchasers and with your local area locker plants. If what you have read describes the type of operation you run and you would like to become a member of the NLC, please contact Nancy Penley, Loveland, Colorado. E-mail: NANCY8113@msn.com.