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American Dorper Sheep Breeders' Society
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About us

Sheep rancher, border collie, and lamb

Since the 1960's, much of the meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products in the United States have been mass produced. The proverbial "Old MacDonald's Farm" has been replaced by large confinement facilities that produce a year round supply of meat, chickens, eggs, and dairy products at a reasonable price. Although the food is cheap and convenient, "factory farming" has created a host of problems including:

  • widespread and unnecessary use of hormones, antibiotics, and other drugs.
  • fewer independent farmers and more low-paid farm workers.
  • loss of small family farms.
  • foods with less nutritional value.
  • air, land, and water pollution.
  • animal stress and abuse.


Since the late 1990's, several thousand ranchers and farmers across the United States and Canada stopped sending their animals to feedlots. Members of the Natural Lamb Co-op are part of that movement. We are a group of individual small farmers and ranchers who have decided to keep our animals home on the range; feeding them food closer to their natural diet. We do not implant our animals with hormones or feed growth-promoting additives. We do not provide animal by-products in our feed. Our animals grow at their normal pace, and are weaned at an age that considers the age and the health of the lamb and its mother. Except during winter months, they are raised predominantly on pasture. As a result, our animals are contented and healthy animals. Learn more.


Our Mission Statement...

The members of the Natural Lamb Co-op believe that Americans deserve a healthy, nutritious, and tasty diet more in keeping with our original diet and our physiology. Therefore, the Natural Lamb Co-op strives to provide... (Learn More)

Top Meat Producing Sheep...

Natural Lamb Co-op members raise predominantly registered dorper and crossbred sheep. Dorpers have been selected because... (Learn More)


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